RAD 140 Results – Expected & Actual Results

Are you interested in finding out more about RAD 140 results or Testolone Results?

As far as bodybuilders are concerned, one of the most popular SARMs is RAD 140 or Testolone. What makes it so popular among gym lovers is that RAD 140 is simply great for bulking as well as cutting. Not just this, it is also supposed to be equally effective for body recomposition. What makes things even more interesting is that RAD 140 can be teamed up with other SARMs such as Ostarine etc., to get reach your bodybuilding goals whether they be bulking or cutting at a much faster rate.

This article discusses in detail what results you may expect from a RAD 140 cycle and whether it’s worth your time, effort, and money to indulge in a RAD 140 cycle/stack or not!

But before anything else, let’s recap what RAD 140 is (if you have not read my RAD 140 Review till now)…

First of all, RAD 140 is a SARM or a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. It is supposed to be quite different from anabolic steroids such as Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, or even Trenbolone which are often used by bodybuilders either to gain muscle or cut fat. What makes a SARM such as RAD 140 different from an anabolic steroid is that it works by attaching itself to a few specific androgen receptors in the body. This is unlike steroids which affect almost all your body organs and systems!

One of the most significant facts about SARMs is that even though they mimic the function of androgens in your body, they do not cause side effects. This is what makes them a hit with health specialists, bodybuilders, and even athletes trying to better their performance. But you must not forget that SARMs do not come with a long history of trial and use. What it means is that a lot more studies and trials are needed to assess the actual impact of SARMs, both positive and negative, over a long period of time.

RAD 140 is a SARM produced by Radius Health Inc. and it seems to have got incredible coverage for the great results that bodybuilders can get with it. Having said that, some seem to be of the opinion that it is one of the most over-hyped SARMs!

Let’s find out more about this SARM and the results that it can help you get.

How Does RAD 140 Work?

RAD 140 is a SARM and what is clear is that it mimics the function of androgens in your body. Furthermore, it should be clearly understood that RAD 140 works by attaching itself to the androgen receptors. One of the most important features of RAD 140 is that it helps step up protein synthesis in your body resulting in muscle building and growth.

It must be known that protein synthesis is highly essential for muscle growth and so is muscle recovery. RAD 140 not only increases protein synthesis but also helps your muscles repair and recover faster after an intense training session. This dual action can help your muscles grow faster or literally in half the time.

It must be taken into account that RAD 140 is a much better alternative to anabolic steroids and the main reason behind this is that steroid tends to have a lot of serious and nasty side effects and can play havoc with your hormonal system. Most anabolic steroids can shut down testosterone production in your body which can lead to a lot of health problems and issues.

Within SARMs, RAD 140 seems to be the best choice when thing of bulking with hardcore muscle mass. What makes it so lucrative is that it can deliver impossibly faster results as far as gaining muscle is concerned. There’s no doubt, RAD 140 is one of the best SARMs for bulking and no other SARM, including Ostarine, YK 11 or LGD 4033 can actually match up to its results.

Having said that, I must mention here clearly that RAD 140 is not recommended for human consumption by the FDA. Furthemore, it has been banned by WADA for use in sports. You can find out more about this SARM is this exclusive RAD 140 Testolone Review.

RAD 140 Results

I am sure by now you are really excited to find out more about expected RAD 140 results. So, without much ado, lets find out more about the results that you can get with RAD 140 or Testolone.

First and foremost, RAD 140 or Testolone is the best SARM when it comes to getting jacked with lean, dense, and hard muscle mass.

But I guess, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

One of the main reasons why a lot of bodybuilders perfer RAD 140 over other SARMs and steroids is that it does not lead to water retention in your body. Thus, the muscle that you tend to gain is not because of excess water in your body. This is unlike most anabolic steroids such as Dianabol and Anadrol.

The problem with such muscle gain (due to excess water retention) is that you tend to lose this muscle with the loss of water once you get off cycle. In other words, the muscle gained through steroids such as Dianabol is not permanent and you tend to lose a majority of it as the excess water gets drained out from your body once you stop taking Dianabol. This is clearly not the case with muscle gained through RAD 140. In simple words, you are likely to keep muscle gained for a long time (as long as you keep training harder and consume the right diet).

Since RAD 140 helps boost endogenous testosterone production in your body, it is likely to boost fat-burning too in your body. You must keep in mind that testosterone is a hormone that comes an amazing fat-burning potential. Thus, RAD 140 not only helps you bulk up with solid and hardcore muscle mass but also helps you burn excess fat so that you are left with lean and high-quality muscle. This is what every bodybuilder desires the most!

Furthemore, depending upon your goal (bulking or cutting), you can stack RAD 140 with other SARMs to achieve you desired goals faster. I have covered RAD 140 Stacks in a separate article in detail which you can access here.

Achievable Results by RAD 140

Now that you are aware of what RAD 140 can help do, let’s talk about the achievable results..

In the beginning itself, I must calrify that each indiviual is different from other and how he reacts to RAD 140 is also different. In simple words, RAD 140 results may vary from one person to another.

However, most users tend to gain muscle within the range of 8-15 lbs per cycle. Even though 15 lbs of muscle gain in a single cycle is kind of an exceptional result, most users tend to achieve 8-10 lbs of muscle with each cycle. Those that have achieved great results with this SARM would argue that 8 lb muscle gain in a single RAD 140 cycle is towards the lesser side.

Apart from increasing muscle mass in your body, RAD 140 is also excellent for enhancing strength. What it means is that it is a great choice for those that want to get past through plateaus and want to increase their lifts, whether on the bench, squats or deadlifts.

Talk of Actual Results

Here’s a video in which Jon Anthony speaks of his experience with RAD 140:

Benefits of RAD 140 over other SARMs

Let me now sum up the main benefits that you are likely to experience when on RAD 140:

Fat cutter: RAD 140 is exceptionally good for gaining muscle but it is also great for burning excess fat in your body. This makes it highly versatile and suitable for both bulking and cutting cycles. You can team it up with other SARMs (bulking or cutting) as per your goal and achieve quick results.

Increases testosterone: Another important benefit of RAD 140 is that it can help boost testosterone in your body. You must keep in mind that most anabolic steroids and SARMs can mess up your emotional state of well-being and can even lead to depression. RAD 140, on the other hand, helps increase testosterone in your body and helps you stay positive and happy. On top of it, increases testosterone leads to better muscle gains and fat burning.

A word of caution

You must not forget that RAD 140 can also be suppressive. As a matter of fact, a lot of users begin feeling suppressive effects towards the end of the cycle. Even though RAD 140 is not as suppressive as some other SARMs such as YK 11, it is better to plan a PCT beforehand. You can check out my complete coverage on RAD 140 PCT by clicking here.

Memory support: Yet another important benefit of RAD 140 is that it can help ensure memory support. Amyloid-beta is a protein that is known to affect memory (resulting in memory loss in older people). By enhancing testosterone, RAD 140 blocks this protein and thus, it prevents memory loss over time.

Maximizes strength: One of the most important benefits of RAD 140 is that it can help increase strength resulting in awesome pumps. It also helps boost energy levels so that you don’t feel tired or fatigued and can train for longer in the gym.

Least side effects: A lot of bodybuilders seem to think that RAD 140 is free of side effects. This is far from truth. Even though not much is known about the side effects of Testolone clinically anicdotal evidence suggests that RAD 140 does have side effects. One of the crucial factors here is the Testolone dosage that you take. If you consume a higher dosage, you are likely to experience more side effects.

Having said that, I must mention that the side effects are on the lower side of the spectrum when compared to anabolic steroids. You must also remember that a lot more research is needed to find out the side effects of RAD 140 in the long term.

Discourage ESR1: It is also known that RAD 140 can play a major role in blocking the production of ESR1 which is the protein that leads to breast cancer.

Safe to use: One of the most promising facts things RAD 140 is that it is not toxic to liver or kidneys as is the case with most anabolic steroids.

Is RAD 140 a Good Choice for Bodybuilders?

Yep! RAD 140 is far better than a lot of drugs that bodybuilders of current age and time are using, especially anabolic steroids. It has fewer side effects and can help you get amazing results. Those that have used it speak highly of it whether they use it for gaining muscle for for cutting down fat. There are many stories of body transformation on Youtube and other bodybuilding forums.

Having said that, it is important to keep in mind that RAD 140 can be suppressive too and that you need to plan a RAD 140 PCT beforehand.

Legal RAD 140

Testol 140 from Crazy Bulk

If you want to get all the benefits of RAD 140 without any of its side effects, you can try legal alternatives to RAD 140 such as Testol 140 from Crazy Bulk or RAD 140 from Brutal Force. You can check out my complete and unbiased Testol 140 Review by clicking here.

What makes legal RAD 140 alternatives like Testol 140 so popular is that they are made with all-natural ingredients and do not have any side effects. Furthermore, you won’t even require a PCT once you are done with the cycle. No wonder, such legal RAD 140 pills have become a massive hit within the bodybuilding circles.

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